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Contest -- Week 23

This week's theme is... Cyborgs, aka Artificial Humans or Androids. All icons must a cyborg in some way, whether it be just one of them, several of them, or one of them featured with a non-cyborg character.

Icons are due Friday, July 28 at 7 PM U.S. Pacific Standard Time (aka 9 PM U.S. Central Time).

Please remember to submit icons in the following format:

Image URL: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v603/DBZAngelX/dbawards.png
Banner: Yes/No
Tags: contest, week 23
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Quick question that just struck me; how many icons allowed? I know that the user info says one per theme but many other times we've been allowed three.
Three icons are the maximum allowed, I'm not sure why the user info says one... I have to remember to ask Amber-chan about that. But thanks for pointing that out! ^^;;