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Hey, everyone! I know, it's shocking to see a post here. This community kind of fell apart a year and a half or so ago.

I am going to attempt to revive this place, but I cannot do it without you. People need to show interest in this icontest to keep it afloat. There needs to be enough entries every week for voting to be worth while.

I'm going to be making a new layout, as well as changing a few things on the profile page. There will be a new time-frame for posting icons, voting, and announcing the winners than there was in the past. The old schedule was hard for me to keep up with two years ago, as it will probably still be now.

How does this schedule sound to you guys?

- Theme posted on Sunday at 3 PM CST
- Winners of previous contest posted Monday at 3 PM CST
- Reminder posted on Wednesday at 3 PM CST
- Voting begins on Friday at 3 PM CST

I can change it if it doesn't look right to anyone. I have my job for most of the day on Saturday and Sunday, so I'm a bit iffy on putting things on those days. I don't think posting the theme on Sunday will be an issue, but I don't want to set myself up for failure. The schedule was getting hectic for me the last time I ran this contest. I think that contributed to it's fall.

I'm clearing the board on banner makers. Post here if you are interested in being a banner maker. Please provide an example of a banner you've made in the past.

Basically, this icontest will start over from the drawing board with the exception of week numbers. I will start again at week twenty-four, as I don't really want to wipe the old contests clean.

Contests will begin being held next Sunday, the 16th, if all goes well.

Suggestions are highly appreciated.
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